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I am your Internet presence concierge -- technology and methodology designed to help you with all aspects your business web presence. You can use me, Website Randy, to manage your site content; collaborate with others, manage leads and follow-up with customers, manage staff pages, etc.

Technical Notes:

In perpetual development by ROGEE®, Website Randy is an open, cross-platform business solution that works on Microsoft and Apple computers. It is mobile friendly and works on all smart phones. Randy is available only through affiliate sales and it controls Internet servers around the world. Current Randy Version: 1.0.


Control your Internet leads destination email addresses; control your Internet leads distribution methods and automatic forwarding. No more waiting for ''a'' Webmaster to do these simple tasks, with Website Randy, you've got the control and can take care of these needs 24/7 from any Internet location on any device (desktop computers or smartphone) on any platform (Windows, Apple, Linux, etc.).
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No more lost leads... lost customers. Regardless of which third-party CRM vendor you use in your company, you now have direct access to ''ALL'' your raw leads generated through your website. Furthermore, the built-in ''Leads Manager Lite'' gives you the ability to perform simple tasks including manually pushing leads to multiple external destinations in Plain Text or XML (ADF). With Randy, you've got the control and freedom.
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This module gives you full control over your business hours and numbers as shown at your website. You can make changes anytime you want. Control multiple departments including New Sales, Used Sales, Parts, Service, Finance, Fleet, Autobody, Rental and Internet Sales. Whether the change is permanent or temporary, you've got the control and don't have to EVER wait for ''a'' Webmaster to make these simple changes.
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SUPER DESCRIPTOR is technology that gives website providers (in particular business websites) the ability to present abundant content on products and services using a single web page. Because research has shown that people respond to human descriptions better than technical information on the Internet, the SUPER DESCRIPTOR combines photographic imagery with human text to give consumers information in a story-like manner. Product Link: SuperDescriptor.com
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iBizVo - ''Internet Business Videos'' is a powerful tool that helps you ''Broadcast Your Business On The Internet'' through video, audio, photo, and text. YouTube is great, but it does not give you the ability to control your business content (especially sensitive customers testimonials). With iBizVo, you get to create your own Internet TV station with up to 9 different channels where you can broadcast not just video, but four different elements: video, audio, photo, and text. Product Link: iBizVo.com
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If you are interested in this Randy module for your business, get pricing from your ROGEE® account representative or the Affiliate (Webmaster) who is providing this service. All Rights Reserved: Website Randy is proprietary software and intellectual property of ROGEE® Corporation and is available only directly from ROGEE® or its approved affiliates. Please use this technology responsibly.

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FREE Chat software built directly into your website. Powered by ROGEEchats

COLLABORATOR is part of chat.rogee.com, an advanced form of web instant messaging with features that give businesses tremendous control and functionality. Modules include COLLABORATOR (for use among staff within your company); CONFERENCER (include third-party affiliates into the conversation); and COMMUNICATOR (chat with customers). Your Website Randy login gives you one free perpetual COLLABORATOR session so that users within your company can chat directly from your own website. Product Link: chat.rogee.com

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Carnnect with automotive customers like never before using coupons and web ads. Create advanced campaigns that can automatically start and end themselves. You no longer need the ''stuck-on-the-home-page'' mentality. Now you can interject your coupons and offers into any page, on into any product including vehicle displays and inventory searches. Furthermore, Carnnect has social group buying capabilities that you can use to convert visitors to patronizing customers. Your WebsiteRANDYy login includes a FREE basic Carnnect module where you can manage as many as you want.
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In this exciting Internet era of social media and group networking behaviors, a savvy business will have more than one website. The reality is that no one company provides or owns all the technology you need to have an outstanding Internet presence. With the External Links module through Website Randy, you have control over the URLs where your site will link including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, KoooDooo, etc.
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Free VIN Decoder and Free Model Code Decoder for current ROGEE® Customers. Depending on your vehicle Brand and depending on the products and services you have purchased from ROGEE (e.g. DealerSERVE, WholesalerSERVE, AutosCopious, etc.), you may have access to our VIN and Model Number Decoders. This tool has proven to be a very useful web tool for our users. The Decoders may also be available to you on the DealerSERVE and WholesalerSERVE data entry pages (Details and Spreedsheet Modes).
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ROGEE Analytics is an insightful enterprise-class, powerful, flexible and easy-to-use web analytics tool that gives you the real-time information you need to make smart decisions, improve your internet presentation and increase marketing ROI. Our main objective for developing ROGEE Analytics was to create a tool that quickly presents decision makers with up-to-the minute information -- knowledge that they need to confidently create and maintain sound marketing strategies.

View Analytics Website:

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Having control over your Privacy Policy Statements has never been easier. With this module, you can use the default Privacy Policy embedded into your site as provided by ROGEE or you can create and upload your own custom Privacy Statement. Forms at your website that collect sensitive data will automatically create an OPT-IN and give the user the ability to preview and/or affirm before submitting the form. You can also manipulate your own SAFE HARBOR policy page.
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Your website comes with 100 STAFF WEB PAGE profiles with, at least, 5 Master Users and 95 Basic Users.
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Get full control of your addresses including business or physical, mailing, and billing addresses. In case you have multiple accounts on the system, you can also connect sister stores. The Email Address module in this section gives you the ability to view, create, or delete email addresses that hosted on the system (your email must be hosted on by the provider of this website).
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Effective March 1, 2011, all Paper Billings for ROGEE® business solutions will start phasing into ''online PDFs files'' available at this site (your site). We will no longer be sending out USPS post mail of invoices. Each month, our billing department will physically prepare your invoices and then upload them to this location where your office manager or staff responsible for payments will login and download the PDFs. Your PDF invoices will be perpetually archived at this location. Also, the system will automatically send email notices to you (Users on your Contacts list) when your invoices are ready.


If you have selected to pay by Credit Card or if you are using a product (e.g. AutoFinSys, BidThat, iBizVo, etc.), which will accept payment only by cards, you will find all receipts and invoices at your secure payment gateway provided by ThatPayment system. Login at the respective websites and navigate to the ''MY ACCOUNT'' section to see transactions history.


The website that you are using via WebsiteRandy is provided as an ''in-the-cloud' Software as a Service solution. Usage guidelines and other agreements and understanding governing permitted use are all posted under the MY ACCOUNT section. The provider of this service makes only limited clams to service provided, You are responsible to familiarize yourself with what you get for what you are paying so you fully understand the features and limitations of the solutions available to your business.


Use the MY ACCOUNT section to upgrade (if applicable) or downgrade (if applicable) your account features. Some request will immediately reflect at your site while other may be scheduled reqeusts that my be approved by the appropriate team within the provider company.

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Round Rock Nissan Commercial Vehicles : Payment Calculator - Round Rock, TX 78681
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About Our

LOAN Amount:$x
 - Cash Rebates:$x
 - Down Payment:$x
 - Trade-In Value:$x
 + Trade-In Owed:$x
 + Retail Add-ons:$x
 + Total Fees:$x
 * Total Taxes:%
 * APR Interest:%
 / Term:
Monthly PAYMENT:$
Net Financed Total Interest Gross Payment
$ + $ = $
The ROGEE UDX Calculator presented on this page is not an advertisement, solicitation, credit application or offer for any specific terms of sale price or credit and is not an offer for direct sale, financing or leasing. It is provided only as a convenient online shopping tool. You should contact the Retailer of the products and services being estimated for actual Terms and other Conditions to help determine your actual monthly payments including title, taxes, license, insurance, and other fees, based on the exact selling price, lease or financing terms, credit history, trade-in appraisal, down payment and special offers. LOANS ON APPROVED CREDIT. Prices expire at midnight.
Acquisition Fee:
A charge that is included in most lease transactions. Be sure to always ask the Seller for any and all hidden fees not included in the initial price(s) of the product(s) or service(s) being financed.
Adjusted Capitalized Cost:
The sum of the vehicle price/MSRP (including destination and handling charges and Federal Gas Tax (if applicable)) plus acquisition fees minus the down payment and/or trade-in value.
Capitalized Cost Reduction:
The agreed upon value of the vehicle (the estimated selling price), plus any additional items that might be paid over the term of the lease such as the acquisition fee, taxes, or a service contract.
Destination Fees:
Some OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) or Retailers may charge a Destination Fee which is the cost (to you, the buyer) for transporting the product being purchased from one location (e.g. shipping dock) to another location (e.g. Retailer's store). The destination fee may vary depending on the product being purchased.
Document Fees:
Government agencies and other organizations responsible for processing certain legal documents will charge you, the buyer, to process those documents. For convenience to the buyer, many retailers will pay for the document processing and in turn pass those cost on to you, the buyer.
Down Payment:
This is any payment in cash and/or other financial values accepted by the seller, which typically reduces the amount financed. The higher your down payment, the lesser your monthly payment will be.
Gross Payment:
After everything has been calculated (cost, plus and minus this and that), the Gross Payment will be the final amount you will purchase the vehicle for and the total you would have paid at the end of the payment period.
Gross Capitalized Cost:
The Gross Capitalized Cost minus the Capitalized Cost Reduction.
APR Interest:
The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is the interest or cost of your estimated amount financed at a yearly rate. It is calculated against the Net Financed.
Loan Amount / Vehicle PRICE:
The PRICE of the vehicle that is equipped with packages and/or options that are most popular for the selected model. Price may or may not include other fees and charges (e.g. destination fee, and other applicable taxes).
The Net Price (or Net Purchase Price) includes the listed PRICE, plus and minus trade-in, rebates, and other add-ons, but it DOES NOT INCLUDE TAXES (e.g. State, County, City, Transit Authority, etc. taxes where applicable). Investigate and get the total tax percentage for the jurisdiction you are purchasing in and apply it to get a number closer to the true Net Amount to be financed.
Net Financed:
The Net Financed reflects the listed PRICE, plus and minus trade-in, rebates, and other add-ons. Depending on your jurisdiction, it should include related taxes (e.g. State, County, City, Transit Authority, etc. taxes). As a responsible buyer, you should be diligent in finding out all fees and taxes related to your purchase. This way, you will not be surprised at the true amount ($$$) you must pay to acquire your favorite ride.
Retail Add-Ons:
Retail Add-ons are defined as items added (installed) on the product by the Retailer/Seller, which were not part of the original product or installed by the manufacturer. For example, if buying a car, you may select to add NAVIGATION system, High-end tires, Insurance, Alarm System, Service Contract, certain Accessories, and other items that are Add-ons.
The duration of your loan or lease, usually measured in months (e.g., 60 Months or 5 Years. The longer the Term, the lower your payments; and the shorter the Term, the higher your payments.).
Total Due at Lease Signing:
The total amount to be paid prior to or at lease signing or by delivery, if delivery occurs after lease signing.
Total Fees:
Depending on your purchase location, there may be several fees (including government, manufacturer, retailer, and even associations fees and charges) that must be paid when purchasing a vehicle. Fees are additions to the original loan amount. As a buyer, you should do your due diligence and find out all known and hidden fees so that you are not surprised at the final number of the vehicle you have fallen in love with.
Total Taxes:
You should expect to pay various taxes on your vehicle purchase, which, depending on your puchase location, may or may not include: State tax, County tax, District or City tax, and other organizational or transportation authority taxes. The tax percentages vary for each taxing agency. In continuing your due diligence, you should ask the retailer for the TOTAL TAX percentage on your vehicle.
Trade-in Owed:
The amount still owed on your trade-in. This amount will be deducted from the total value of your trade-in.
Trade-In Value:
The net value of your trade-in vehicle that will be credited toward the purchase or lease. This amount may be negative if your current vehicle is worth less than the balance remaining on your current loan or lease.
Round Rock Nissan Commercial Vehicles
3050 North IH 35
Round Rock, TX 78681
Phone: 855-289-6968
Fax: 512-244-8518

Mon.09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
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Wed.09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
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Mon.07:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tue.07:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Fri.07:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Vehicle MSRP and Prices may exclude government fees and taxes, license, registration, electronic filing charges, any finance charges, any emissions testing charges, any dealer added options, and dealer purchase or lease charges. Dealer prices may vary. ''Web Price'' for New Vehicles may include offers that you quality for. Destination charges, when applicable, may vary per model. Click models to see current destination charges. New Vehicle Mileage based on EPA mileage estimates. Use for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.

[*] The price for this vehicle as equipped does not include charges such as: License, Title, Registration Fees, State or Local Taxes, Finance Charges, Credit Investigation, Optional Credit Insurance, Physical Damage of Liability Insurance, Delivery Fees. Website software provider (ROGEE® Dealer Services) and Dealership (Round Rock Nissan Commercial Vehicles) makes no representations, expressed or implied, to any actual or prospective purchaser or owner of this vehicle as to the existence, ownership, accuracy, description or condition of this vehicle's listed equipment, accessories, price or any warranties. Any and all differences must be addressed prior to the sale of this vehicle.

Contacting & Text Messaging: By submitting a web form with my information at this website, I agree that: (1) I give Round Rock Nissan Commercial Vehicles and its authorized affiliates permission to contact me about the selected products, services and promotions at the phone number and/or email address I have provided. (2) I consent to be contacted through text messages and/or through the use of an automated technology. (3) I am not required to sign an agreement or agree to the foregoing as any condition of purchasing any property, goods, or services from Round Rock Nissan Commercial Vehicles. (4) I acknowledge that I have read and do agree to the posted Privacy statement and Electronic Records Disclosures by Round Rock Nissan Commercial Vehicles. 5045189287979156-3394

All logos, service marks, and trademarks that appear within this website, for presentational purposes only, are the properties of their respective owners. ©2020 All Rights Reserved. No part of this website may be copied, reproduced, or distributed without permission from ROGEE.
  Round Rock Nissan Commercial Vehicles
3050 North IH 35
Round Rock, TX 78681
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